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A Businessman’s Visit to Tijuana

Every poll since the Crimean War has shown that one of women’s main beefs is that men ejaculate too soon. Every clique has its own set of guidelines that governs the group, yet there’s always one chief rule that holds true throughout: Hoes before bros, uteruses before duderuses, chicks before dicks, ovaries before brovaries…you get the point. It is one thing drunkenly throwing yourself at men, hey, we’ve all been there, in fact i’m probably one of the biggest culprits out there – what night out goes down in history better than one full of regrets, right? But last month a 14-year-old girl, whose mother had been dating Wilson, told a Children’s Assessment Center caseworker that she had also been having sex with Wilson and believed she was pregnant. I can take your huge order from you and whip them out in record time without making a mistake. A SIMPLE mistake can be VERY costly. Maybe, maybe not.

She couldn’t move, and so I sat with her and soothed her and built trust. You are in Mexico. Now, for preparation. Perhaps because I look kinda funky in my profile pics, and am holding a guitar in one, I attract a lot of artist-writer-musician types. DO NOT forget your PASSPORT!! I did not, so I can’t speak to how to get back to the US without one. (It’s even faster if you can get one of the new passport ID cards) DO NOT bring condoms.

Bring something to take pictures or video with. You’ll want to remember your experience. September 22, 2014. Pay it forward and you’ll have good karma. Run and don’t look back. My parking was $8 for 12 hours. When I worked at my first job, I worked in a ritzy part of town.

On your drive south on Fwy 5, take the last exit BEFORE the border, or you’re up for quite a ride. cities, counties, and zip codes on our site: City-data.com. Oh yeah, the myth of the street walker as victim? Just below the sign to “MEXICO”, you’ll pass through a set of steel turnstiles. That’s it. There are two levels. The path now is quite barren, lined with barbed wire, and industrial.

No worries. You’ll see an armed officer every 25ft accompanied by militia with an assault rifle. One thing I learned which I will continue to mention is how well present the police are as long as you are in safe areas. You will then walk down a short street and follow guided locals directing you to the Taxis. September 26, 2014. There’s just no excuse for leaving a defenseless girl behind. Once on the other side, to the left will be a plethora of taxis ready to take you anywhere for $5US or to the right will be the walking path to the TJ arch.

Unless you travel during the day with more than one person, I recommend taking a taxi. To be honest, I don’t need this job. It is rumored that many tourists are mugged on 123 between the border and the arch. I didn’t want to ruin my visit with that experience. So I waited near Trinity Episcopal Cathedral and watched a trick in an SUV pick up a street walker that I absolutely knew for certain was a hooker. After a short $5 cab ride of “take me to the Hong Kong”, I was at the red light district of TJ. It was everything I had read and more.

VERY active. VERY entertaining. I knew ahead of time that the women on the streets would be about $25 with hotel charge and the women in the bars would be almost $100 with hotel. So I first took a few tours around the red light block. Now, BIG TIP, DO NOT veer off of that primary block. That is the block that all the bars pass through and the food vendors are around. There is a huge police presence in this area and crime is almost non-existent.

If she’s just stoned and enjoying herself, let her be. If you choose to approach a girl on the street, be ready to know basic Spanish or the only few words they know. Every street girl knows “hotel”, “fu*ky fu*ky”, and “su*ky su*ky”. This is the only time you have permission to leave your window up. Most broken English at best. After you choose your girl, which 90% are $20 for 20 minutes and $6 to the hotel, you head upstairs to the hotel of their choosing, you pay the hotel fee at the front desk, the counter manager hands the girl a condom and lube, and off you go. He increased security around the building.

You give her the $20 up front and you get two positions for 20 minutes. Make the best of your time. As you approach 20 minutes, you’ll hear a knock on the door telling you your time is almost up. Be certain to negotiate everything on the street. Once you get in the room, negotiations are pretty much over. Afterwards, if there is a young gent headed towards your room, it is proper to tip him $1 to clean your room. Again, tipping is recommended in Mexico and often gets you further.

After a great 20 minutes, I headed to the bars to drink the night away. I spent the whole night bar-hopping and stopping out for food at different vendors. You should ALWAYS pop your head in and look around. If the girls are ugly, go somewhere else. Most all beers are $4 at every bar and the wait staff are highly attentive to your every need. I am not your mother. May 20, 2013 • I disagree big time.

Take your own condoms and leave the camera behind. I explained to them that in an area of less than a thousand feet we have Congregation Beth Israel grade school, Couch Park playground, MLC grades K-12, Fred Meyer, and I showed them Cathedral School, grades K-8, the NW Children’s Theater & School and Portland Symphonic GirlChoir (sic), and KinderCare. Other BAD part of TJ….besides very real possibility of STDs and possibly getting murdered…having to wait 3 fucking hours in line with a bunch of semi-homeless people to get back across the border. May 21, 2013 • I have often thought of going to the HK club, the reviews say its awesome, and also that the girls appear to take precautions. My concern is the STI (used to be STD) issues. A condom won’t protect you from skin to skin things like herpes or HPV. I did some googling on Honkong club and STD, STI, etc, but nothing showed up.

Any readers here ever heard of anything along those lines? I’m sure it happens. May 22, 2013 • Lol it is funny how there plenty of experienced hobbyists on this site but they have no idea about the world TJ offers. Hardly anybody here is doing it right. May 22, 2013 • GSV, You’re right. Next time I visit, I will try getting a room and spending the night. The only caveat I’ve heard is that even though TJ is nice to visit, there really isn’t much going on during the day versus the night.

I hope I’m like you guys when I’m older. You’re also right, and I agree, if you’re safe, there’s little to nothing to worry about. Can you expound on what the “world of TJ has to offer”? Every ticket on an illegally parked car is official and says the good guys are in the neighborhood and we see you bad guys. I’d appreciate your thoughts and ideas for my next visit. Honestly, I’d love to walk over the border and walk TJ during the day. I know I’m missing interesting sites only being there during the night…

May 22, 2013 • PAPI and SHADOW: Papi, I tried to offer my own condom for one of the ladies and she just put hers on first then mine, which was terrible… LOL She was pretty insistent. So, I gave up trying to offer my own. Shadow, along those same lines, I think only one of the girls charged a $1 more and I think that was for the lube. Again, I really couldn’t argue…In the big picture, It’s a small price I guess. May 22, 2013 • LEONARD, I agree with the wait…I found the best times to get back is 11pm to 2am. It sucks to cross that late, but beats three hours standing in line!

I can’t say I’ve ever successfully offered an American stripper $70 to fuck her. Maybe where you live. I found what’s so neat and unique about Zona Norte is that prostitution is “legal”. No need to whisper or worry about a girl being a cop. Something you’ll never experience in the US. TC, I never noticed ANYTHING. It’s a VERY clean process.

HK is an excellent place to party. I highly recommend it. The girls down there are very clean and well organized. It’s quite a system. May 22, 2013 • You can eat, shop, gamble, watch the bullfights, people watch, get some daytime action, although night time is best. Don’t go around Easter or Christmas. Lots of chicas are back with their family.

May 23, 2013 • Lol, I smoke weed with girls in TJ in my room in cascadas. I’ve done lines of cocaine in between girls’ tits. I take girls with me to rosarito beach area and chill. Lets see, we get bottle service at some nice night clubs in zona rio and party all night and get civilian girls to come to our table and sometimes engage in threesomes. Some of the highest service quality is available in the afternoon and on off peak hours. Sure theres less hot girls but the ones that are there are so much more pleasant to be around. Plus you can tell them to come back to your room after your shift.

They’ll bring some nice weed and you can roll up a joint, kick back and relax at the marvelous fact that you’re just fucking ruling the world at the moment with a hot Latina girl and some nice bud. May 23, 2013 • Btw shadowcat, I respect you and all but I have no idea what you’re talking about. Girls do not charge you for condoms. Not even street girls. May 23, 2013 • Oh by the way – Leonard – if you get a sentri pass or just know how to pick the correct times to cross back, it can be very quick. Sounds like you’re just another TJ newbie no offense. December 18, 2013 • Well I mean, if your a big black fellow, I’m sure they don’t have the right condoms for you anyway.

You probably might have to bring your own regardless. Do many african-americans even go to TJ and interact with the sex workers?