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Conscious Children: A Brief Look at Hydranencephaly

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Reflective awareness is thus more akin to a luxury of consciousness on the part of certain big-brained species, and not its defining property” (3). Children with hydranencephaly demonstrate evidence for Merker’s argument that the brain stem holds many answers for understanding consciousness. On the website, Rays of Sunshine, families of children with hydranencephaly support one another and exchange information. In three separate questionnaires, they gathered data about their experiences, asking numerous questions ranging from the age, sex, and time of diagnosis to medical conditions, allergies and medications their child was currently prescribed. The data proved to show an enormous amount of surprising and sometimes, contradictory information compared to what had been previously believed of the children (5). The most common health concerns with the children were respiratory, neurological issues involving problems with the shunt used for drainage of fluid from the brain (approx. 65% of children have shunts), seizures (approx.

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