Herpes 101

Dozens of Exotic Animals Set Loose in Ohio

Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1) is a major pathogen that causes human neurological diseases, including herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE). 2— A decision by Texas wildlife officials to permit the killing of wild Japanese snow monkeys in South Texas is being condemned by advocates of animal rights. After the animals escaped, OHSU officials warned the public to stay away from them because one was believed to possibly be infected with Herpes B, which is dangerous to humans. As homeowners nervously hid indoors, officers armed with high-powered rifles and shoot-to-kill orders fanned out through fields and woods to hunt down 56 animals that had been turned loose from the Muskingum County Animal Farm by owner Terry Thompson before he shot himself to death Tuesday. Shocker. Under regulations of the Health of Animals Act, Canada has a mandatory identification program for cattle, bison and sheep. Supporters of Story Book Farm will recall that in 2013, Nakhuda sent a petition to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and Brock Township, signed by a group of 116 petitioners, seemingly as part of a plan to  revoke the charitable status of the sanctuary.

Anne Russon (York University) and since 2006 has been spending two months a year at an Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo helping orphaned and ex-captive orangutans in their Forest School System. Nothing gets me into the Halloween spirit like The Misfits and this amazing mashing of “Hollywood Babylon” with cult film Chainsaw Hookers is amazing. Today, I’m picking through a petition sent to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and Brock Township by a group of 116 petitioners,  seemingly as part of a plan to  revoke the charitable status of the sanctuary. …. Bataille’s essay on animality doesn’t have anything to say about copulation, but it has a lot to say about eating. The message is: Do Not Approach this monkey (or any monkey for that matter), it is unpredictable and will bite. “Human life has to come first but that’s what we have to look for.

Lutz said he issued a shoot-to-kill order on Tuesday evening and stationed officers on Interstate 70 about a mile west of the Zanesville city limits to prevent animals from crossing.