Herpes Natural Therapies

Eye Herpes Symptoms

Colloidal silver is a medicine that predates the pharmaceutical industry by a number of years. Would there be any additional benefit, or possible complications with, using EverClr in addition to valtrex and lysine. There are too many untested variables with “home brewed” colloidal silver that may lead to unwanted side effects, such as argyria. These days, you’ll only hear natural practitioners recommending its use. It was used for the treatment of burns, wounds, and bacterial and viral infections. I’d …never used the spray before. would they?

Since I started asking people if they had these viruses, I’ve been shocked at how many MS people have one of these. Scarring of the cornea can cause loss of vision or blindness, if left untreated. Ear Infections – Since colloidal silver kills nearly any bacteria that might cause an ear infection, it is exceptionally efficient at treating ear infections. I tried the L-Lysine and it did nothing for me at all. According to the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses, there are 2,480 known species of virus in 395 genera, 95 families, and 6 orders. (By the way, don’t do this before school, or it makes for a shiny, embarrassing face…this doesn’t go over well with teenagers for some reason.) In researching for this post, I’ve read more about this and decided to try and get him to also take colloidal silver orally when he has an acne outbreak. Limited research suggests that silver nanoparticle gel was more effective than alcohol gel for reducing bacteria.

I had the heart valve operation and came through fine, much to the amazement of the surgeon. – Methods of using electron active compounds for managing cancer Thirty Central American female patients diagnosed with breast cancer, age 32 to 52, were treated with with Ag404 ( Injectable Tetrasil ). George Jelinek is the author of the book and website ‘OvercomingMS’ . When only the outer layer or the epithelium of the cornea is infected, it can be treated with antiviral eye drops and ointments. The treatment is safe for all ages, because it doesn’t affect human tissue negatively at the doses needed to treat against dangerous microbes. The outbreak went away in about 3 days and I havent had one since and that was over 2 years ago. In spite of the fact that it has not yet been fully embraced by the medical community as an anti-viral agent, nevertheless, safe, natural mineral silver, in a variety of forms, including colloidal silver, has nearly three decades worth of solid medical research behind it, demonstrating its powerful anti-viral qualities.

Steroid drops can help alleviate the inflammation of the cornea, and prevent scarring. These dressings may also prevent redness, swelling, and infection. Normally a cut that severe on me usually takes a couple of weeks to heal properly. By surgically inserting silver electrodes, and applying a small amount of electrical current, Dr. Be prepared! Ocular herpes cannot be cured permanently, as the disease is recurrent in nature. Limited research has been done on the subject, but colloidal silver has been shown to limit the activity and even reduce the population of the virus in patients.

Read up on Zinc is keeps the virus from mulitplying, keeping you from getting outbreaks or so I read.