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HIV-Associated Complications of the Eye

This is, to our knowledge, the first case of SS described in an HIV-infected person. Fifty-two episodes of zoster occurred in 45 patients during 1,614 person-years of follow-up (incidence, 3.2 episodes per 100 person-years). In 2007 an estimated 33.2 million people globally were living with HIV, 2.7 million people newly infected with HIV and there were 2 million AIDS deaths. Oltre alle sventurate vicende degli altri familiari, Munch stesso aveva avuto una salute assai cagionevole, con lunghi periodo passati a letto. In alcuni casi può essere indotta da stimoli esogeni infiammatori. Il dolore è causato da condizioni patologiche di altre strutture come la cornea, l iride ed i tessuti oculari profondi, oppure è causato dall infiammazione dei tessuti perioculari. A questo punto la retrotrascrittasi trasforma l RNA virale in DNA che, grazie all azione dell integrasi virale, si inserisce nella sequenza di DNA dell ospite ove rimane quiescente (DNA provirale).

Diagnoses with high predictive values were Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus (62%), Steven Johnson syndrome (50%), HIV retinopathy (75%), Bilateral Unresolving Toxoplasmosis (42%). A significantly high number of cases (70%) had ocular manifestations. in a cohort of HIV/TB patients [1, 6]. While there are few HIV-associated infections of the orbital segment of the eye (also known as the eye socket), aspergillosis—a fungal infection that typically occurs in HIV patients with advanced disease—is known to cause the inflammation of the orbital eye tissue (cellulitis) in some. Toussaint pointed out that the retroviral protease of HIV-1 can cause cataract formation; when this is inhibited, cataract formation is prevented.