Genital Herpes

I have genital warts is there any chance i can join the military? specifically the army?

(7) Penile infectious lesions, including herpes genitalis (054.1) and condyloma acuminata (078.11), acute or chronic, not amenable to treatment. Left varicocele (456.4), if symptomatic, or associated with testicular atrophy, or vericocele larger than the testis is disqualifying. It should be noted that sores can actually present anywhere at all; it is just most often located in those areas. second: I served in US army, went to Iraq, got in some trouble, and got kicked out. then through your husband`s friends/contacts/colleagues/co-workers you could find out that which departments have vacancies and what certifications/qualifications are necessary to b eligible for the job…. I don`t have a army/military background/experience….. this is all I could think for an answer……

The infection can eventually even lead to scarring that will cause cloudy vision or even partial loss of vision. have a good day. source: Hello,i am 31 and married with 3 children,i want to join the military because i need a new path in my life and for my husband is army? Joining army with genital warts Is this real or scam ? you are hereby notified that your qualifications and experiences are found suitable for the requirements of project rig ltd oi I` thinking about joining the army but my husband is a convicted felon on eight years of probation how can that effect me and joining? Genital warts in army Is there a way to join the army or army reserves at the age of 44? i was told that i could possibly use my husband`s credentials but i don`t see how Hi my husband was in army and in march 2012 he got he is in army reserve..

but it is not the same things we know that.he will be 45 years ol? No, Each of the services have an assignment program called “JOIN SPOUSE.” Basically, under this program, the military will try as hard as they can to station military spouses at the same base or within 100 miles of each other. Note there is no guarantee — the military just agrees to try. The services will not create a new slot for JOIN SPOUSE. There has to be an existing slot in the rank/job that the member(s) can be assigned against. Uk military genital warts How do i get rid of genital warts…..they really itch? How do i get rid of the find friends co workers and classmates on the left side of my profile on fb?

Genital warts disqualifying for military I need find out what department sprint sent my order to. it should have been processed by now. what are some of the departments i should try to contac I have to create a six panel comic strip using real life experiences and put them all together in a story. what do i do? i have no idea what to do…. Genital warts military Im married with 4 children. my husband is in the army for 17 years.

and my question is, can i join the military even if my husband is already in? Transfer of workers to different departments? The Army cut off age is 35 but you must ship prior to your 35th birthday so you would be cleared to go to Army based on your age but the fact that you need another reconstructive surgery on your hand may be a problem being that you are not 0 healthy and also that your hand may cause you to not perform at your full potential now or even after the surgery. Highly unlikely you will be able to join the military with genital warts being that you are a risk to everyone around you and also can make others around you uncomfortable. Genital warts ruin chances of getting into marines Do you have any hiring jobs that will suite to my abilities and skills? What does contact name mean when filling out an appication in the employment history field? Warts disqualifying police My complaint for idea customer care.

idea`s employee give my call details of my husband. i don`t want idea give any call detail. what can i do? Dear friends.. i am starting my new business venture in educational field (mathematics). i am searching a catchy name for my company. my educationa…

The chances of a waiver for hpv How do i get a waiver to join the army with out my husband`s permission? How to write a letter to educational society to give the waiver in fees to the students because their parents are not capable?