Genital Herpes

i'm scared of having sex because i'm afraid of getting herpies?

Thank you so much for your help. My ex told a lot of people including mutual friends he gave it to me. There are a number of herpesviruses, as well as those individual to different animals. As long as you are healthy and have a strong immune system, you may never have another outbreak. At 35 weeks we had a house fire and lost our home. If you contract oral herpes of the genitals and have outbreaks, they will generally be of the same severity as genital herpes. Having HSV-1 does offer slight immunity to HSV-2, but it still remains risky!

Going to the doctor to get tested would be far too uneventful and practical, plus the STD test might show up on dad’s insurance bill. This is a sexually transmitted infection that affects men and women. Lastly, I was paranoid it was HSV 2 because the itch and sting all over my body, thinking it was possible since it effects your nerves. Penetration does not have to occur to contract herpes, and for that reason, a condom offers only partial protection from the virus. I popped em just like zits and white stuff came out and its gone and done with. If I was to contract herpes from this experience it would have to be on my testicles, thighs or pubic region (since i wore a condom) right? They may learn they are infected only through an STD test-that INCLUDES the herpes test!

(ASK for the IgG type-specific herpes test). Unfortunately, many people get tested and clinics and doctors offices and ASSUME their “clean” results included testing for herpes–but neither HIV NOR Herpes testing is included unless you specifically ask for them. Is it too late to get it diagnosed? About 4-5 days later I had an outbreak in my genital area.