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The majority of HIV researchers agree that HIV evolved at some point from the closely related Simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), and that SIV or HIV (post mutation) was transferred from non-human primates to humans in the recent past (as a type of zoonosis). Since you have had this issue for four years, an HSV-1/2 IgG antibody blood test should suffice (remember, IgG, not IgM). A person who grows up in a pornographic country is going to have trouble understanding these purity customs. I though I was going to die….if I had this all this time, and gave it to my husband I will feel s o HORRIBLE! Since rural Africans were not keen to pursue agricultural practices in the jungle, they turned to non-domesticated meat as their primary source of protein. So my God, it has to be from me….after my divorce I did sleep with 2 people….I used protection with both, but the one guy I didn’t a few times….I HATE THIS….I don’t know anything for sure….I don’t want to ask my husband if he had unprotected sex with the chick he was in a short relationship with before me, he broke things off with her for me…..do I know for sure that he brought this into our relationship…No, am I 100% sure I did, No….we will probably NEVER know. I see him next weekend, I’m gonna have to tell him because he wants to make love to me.

Before you tell your husband, get your facts straight. The primary point of entry, according to researchers, is somewhere in the jungles of Argentina or Brazil.[26] An SIV strain, closely related to HIV, was interspersed within a certain clade of primates. Here’s a few facts for you: 1. For myself, I tried all kinds of different treatments and solutions, both prescription and over-the-counter. The virus can be dormant (and obviously has been for both of you) for years, and then can be triggered by an outside factor – stress, rough sex etc. The discovery of the main HIV / SIV phylogenetic relationships permits explaining broadly HIV biogeography: the early centers of the HIV-1 groups were in Central Africa, where the primate reservoirs of the related SIVcpz and SIVgor viruses (chimpanzees and gorillas) exist; similarly, the HIV-2 groups had their centers in West Africa, where sooty mangabeys, which harbor the related SIVsmm virus, exist. You will NEVER know who has infected whom.

My dad is a trucker so he is hardly home but when he is, I am subjected to the sound of moans and groans from the truck stop hookers he picks up. Using a condom is not 100% effective. Several of the theories of HIV origin put forward (described below) attempt to explain the unresolved loose ends described in the previous section. The virus can also be spread orally. As most of my calls here at ASHA are about genital herpes, I thought I’d clear the air. 5. It was proposed by Beatrice Hahn, Paul M.

It’s really rare for HSV2 to be oral, so it’s very likely that you received the virus genitally from whomever your “donor” was. Its a tiny disease that almost half of this planet has and you are never alone no matter what. Your husband may or may not have the virus. In the nascent cities women felt relatively liberated from rural tribal rules[28] and many remained unmarried or divorced during long periods,[11][29] this being very rare in African traditional societies.[30] This was accompanied by unprecedented increase in people’s movements. After so many years, there’s a good chance he has it, and is just carrying it. I am not freaking out but I know that negligence is not the answer and that if I want to prevent outbreaks I have to keep a super healthy and strong immune system. I highly recommend that you do some research, either on this board or elsewhere.

Central to Marx et al. It will help you deal with having this virus, and also help you explain the situation to your husband. I felt like killing myself with the taught of having a husband and family will be quite difficult and i felt like I’m not really in the room when people are talking. This isn’t the most horrible thing ever to happen, although it may seem like that now. The authors suggested that the very high prevalence of the Hepatitis C virus in southern Cameroon and forested areas of French Equatorial Africa (around 40–50%) can be better explained by the unsterile injections used to treat yaws, because this disease was much more prevalent than syphilis, trypanosomiasis, and leprosy in these areas. Thanks for your reply I think it’s mostly shock….and the fact that every time I think about how to even approach it with him, I just get really hung up, I just imagine what it would be like on the receiving end of this. Im a male and to be honest if they dont find a cure i want to find another partner that already has herpes so i wont have to worry about infecting them.

So in essence this could be from him? Leaving aside blood transfusions, the highest HIV-1 transmissibility ever measured was from GUD-suffering female prostitutes to uncircumcised men—the measured risk was 43% in a single sexual act.[42] Sousa et al. Ok, vent over lol, thanks again. And I wouldn’t be dramatic, just simply say, you need to know something, I have herpes. Either way, it sounds like you could have had it for years without knowing since your symptoms were so mild. then built computer simulations to test if an ‘ill-adapted SIV’ (meaning a simian immunodeficiency virus already infecting a human but incapable of transmission beyond the short acute infection period) could spread in colonial cities. Just bring it up to him with the truth..Dr.

Which is hard for me after a 3 year relationship and then dropped the bomb on me and said they wanted to have an open relationship cause they want sex! Don’t blame him cause it could have happened anytime. Each scenario was run 1,000 times, to test the probability of SIV generating long chains of sexual transmission. It may take him a few days to sink in but really should not change anything in your relationship…esp if you both have it by now. I was not mad at him bc I knew her must have been soafriad tell me in fear of loosing me He still denies it but it has not ruined my life and it will not control my life either. Don’t focus on laying blame, either on yourself or him, it just makes it harder. For the lower GUD levels existing in the same city in the late 1950s (see above), they were much less likely.

That is how i got herpes type 2 from my partner. Im a 33 year old guy, have been in basically long term relationship, after long term relationship. Even if a person has no actual o/b’s the virus is still roughly transferable during approx 4 times per year. Male circumcision had little to moderate effect in their simulations, but, given the geographical correlation found, the authors propose that it could have had an indirect role, either by increasing genital ulcer disease itself (it is known that syphilis, chancroid, and several other GUDs have higher incidences in uncircumcised men), or by permitting further spread of the HIV strain, after the first chains of sexual transmission permitted adaptation to the human organism. That is why this virus has been able to spread at the crazy rate it has. BER, the need for desalination in your gfs case the warts of death ) and completely forget the things that count (fiscal responsibility and getting rid of waste, in your GFs case the wonderful personality.