Oral Herpes

recently diagnosed HSV2 with serious questions – Herpes

I was recently diagnosed with HSV-1 Genital Herpes. Recently diagnosed with HSV2, but never had an outbreak before. Ok, so as of now I am using Dial White Antibacterial Bar Soap, is that simple enough? My boyfriend and I have decided to see each other again. The nurse told me she suspected I had herpes and took a culture, I’m still waiting on the results… It is very unlikely that he is infected with HSV1 or HSV2. You didn’t mean to do this to yourself, you made a mistake.

I went home and told my husband. Because my outbreak was so mild, my Dr. Dr. This past Monday, I had protected vaginal sex with my boyfriend for the first time since my diagnosis. At this point, I had finished my initial round of Valtrex and felt as though I should be taking a daily suppressive – just to be safe. However, as my boyfriend and I are long-distance I have decided to only take daily medicine when we are going to be together (and when i have a flare up, of course). This way I can take some time to feel out my body’s personal situation but still have the comfort of knowing that the chances of passing the virus on are greatly reduced when I do decide to have sex.

Anyways, now that you know the details of my situation, I have a few questions. I simply haven’t done it. I asked my Dr. this and she said YES – which did not match the answer in the “Herpes Handbook” you suggested in another post. To this day I haven’t had any symptoms of oral herpes and I have no concrete reason to believe I have it. E.X if my boyfriend was fingering me, perhaps even through my underwear, could my “wetness” carry the virus to him? Thus, if he was to immediately touch his face he would have a possibility of contracting it.

3) One of the most difficult challenges I am dealing with is oral sex. My boyfriend (and me too) would prefer not to use a dental dam when he is performing oral sex on me. However he is (understandably) worried that he will contract HSV2 on his face. From what I have read this is very unlikely, but there is a slim chance he can contract it (as there always is…) Could you please give me some insight on this? 4) Finally, because I am not taking the daily suppressive meds regularly, does that lower the effectiveness of the valtrex/acyclovir? And if so, how far in advance should I begin taking it when I know I will be sexually active.